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Preemie Dolls

Custom Made Cloth Preemie Dolls

Preemie Doll

Preemie Doll

These cloth keepsake dolls are hand made by me, a preemie mom, especially for preemie families. Our daughter Nicole was born at 27 weeks 5 days gestation. It is hard to describe exactly how little she was to family and friends, but having a doll her birth size really lets them "see" how small she was and how far she has come. We'd love for you to visit (910) 283-5608 and see her picture. The dolls provide an excellent way for you to show and remember your babies birth size.

  • cloth doll
  • custom made to baby's actual birth measurements
  • sculpted or painted face
  • sculpted toes
  • arms and legs are jointed
  • weighted to "feel right"
  • choice of skin color

Dolls are NOT toys

Premature Babies