Discover2Share is an innovative platform with the aim to fuel peer-to-peer sharing and collaborative consumption (P2P SCC) of physical resources among individuals. Thousands P2P SCC platforms emerged during the last decade and the business keeps gaining momentum. For someone interested in discovering new P2P SCC services and their characteristics the only way is a search in the internet using search engines or to look on the open platform that list P2P SCC businesses. However, both approaches do not allow a semantic search. A semantic search allows finding platforms that satisfy semantic characteristics of the platforms. For example it allows searching for P2P SCC that share cars as a concept, not as an English word. Or to search for services that does not involve financial transactions between individuals. Discover2Share uses semantic Web technologies to allow exactly this.

Find a platform for peer-to-peer sharing that you look for, not the one that happen to contain a keyword found by a search engine!

The Discover2Share platform is developed by a group of scientists in the course of a research project sponsored by the German Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) .