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Oil Portrait Painting by Artist Susan Selby

Let portrait artist Susan Selby capture the person you want to be remembered in a style of classic portrait oil painting she calls an “Heirloom Portrait™.”

Inspired by some of the grand masters of portrait paintings like American portrait painter John Singer Sargent, Susan works to bring out the character of her subjects in scenes and settings that they feel most comfortable in.

Her Heirloom Portraits™ are perfect for:

  • Individuals
  • Families
  • Children
  • Executives
  • Professionals
  • And many others

How Susan Selby’s Creates Heirloom Portraits™

Susan travels to meet her clients at their home, office or other personal setting. During the meeting, she asks a number of questions ranging from what kinds of things are important to the person to how they want to be remembered in the painting. All the while, Susan listens and watches to learn and understand the person through attitude, tone of voice, gestures and body language.

“I want to paint people how they want to be remembered – with dignity and beauty,” said Susan. “That’s why I refer to this type of oil portrait painting as Heirloom Portraits™.”

She takes plenty of notes, photos and sketches of the person, their favorite objects, styles of dress and setting. Back at her studio, she uses the collected information to paint a near- or life-sized image that will honor the client’s character. Typically, it takes about a month or two to complete the painting, given the long-drying nature of oil paint and Susan’s very detailed painting style.

How You, Too, Can Have an Original Oil Portrait

Take a stroll through her online gallery to better imagine how you, a loved one or corporate executive can be remembered as you want them to be.

Call today – (702) 286-7144 or (315) 533-7104 or email to find out how Susan can create an Heirloom Portrait™ for you that will be treasured for years to come.