• SHINE Mural Festival 2018 - Matthew Hoffman - You Are Beautiful stencil

    SHINE Mural Festival 2018 - Matthew Hoffman - You Are Beautiful stencil

  • SHINE Bike Tour - Nomad Clan

    SHINE Bike Tour - Nomad Clan

  • Shine 2018 - Noirs One - photo by Edel Mohr

    Shine 2018 - Noirs One - photo by Edel Mohr

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Kelly Panagiotopoulou - Capturing Dance Hip Hop - photo by Charlotte Suarez

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Alex Harris - MUSE 2018 - Xina Scuderi_Kyle_Fleming

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SHINE Mural Festival

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Y Dance Academy - MUSE 2018 - Xina Scuderi Kyle Fleming

Deadline for Nominations: November 23

It’s time for your nominees for the 2019 MUSE Awards! – coming up February 8, 2019

Below are the categories and a list of who has won the award in the past.

Please email your nominations – and why – to jenee@stpeteartsalliance.org before Friday, November 23.

MUSE PATRON OF THE ARTS AWARD recognizes an individual or couple who, with their time and treasure,

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Lourdes Rosas-Randall - Blues in Bloom
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Enjoy our brand new St. Pete Studio, Gallery & Museum Guide! This beautiful book gives you photos, descriptions and details on the many visual art venues you can visit in St. Pete.

Here’s a link to the digital version.

Feel free to stop by the St Pete Chamber of Commerce Visitors Center to pick up a free printed copy. Find their hours and downtown location at (606) 441-7731.

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Your Voice is Needed as St Pete Grows

Grow Smarter is St. Pete’s city-wide economic development initiative, with a focus on inclusive prosperity.

The original strategy that underpins Grow Smarter was written in 2014 and informed by a survey of more than 1,500 people that live, work or play in St. Petersburg.

We’d like to hear from the community again to see what is new, and what hasn’t changed since that survey was conducted.

This is your chance to let your voice be heard and influence the next phase of the Grow Smarter Strategy.


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