Avanee Foundation
envisions a world where

"All of life is cherised"

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

A Sanskrit phrase which means 'The world is one family’.

Avanee Foundation envisions the entire world as one family where all of life is cherished.

Our path to our vision

We Care

That if people come together and create resources, awareness and intent to solve our problems on climate change, then we will not only lift ourselves out of the crisis but also enable the most wonderful future.

Powering Earth 2.0

We Hold

A vision of transformation for leaders that goes beyond the current construct, not just change, impacting a billion people and their well-being - a vision that visualizes the transformation of an entire nation.

The 10X Factor

We Believe

The path of oneness and connectedness begins with the right foundation and the right education. We focus on working with the children and young adults and help them create a compassionate world.

Unleashing Potential

Avanee Foundation also supports the following like minded philanthropic organisations where our Chairperson Avantika Dalmia is a
patron and / or a Co-founder

Liberal Education
Art & Culture
Preserving Heritage
Inspiring Youth

The Leadership Team

Avantika Dalmia
Avanee Foundation
Madhuri Mehta
Blue Orb Foundation
Chetan Walia
BeOne Foundation
Ricky Kej
O2 Alliance Foundation