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So what is fake news?  by the best estimation I can get it can be defined as this.  Whatever news I don’t like is fake.  So lets take a headline from todays news.

Omarosa’s scorched-earth tell-all is a rare public breach of Trump’s loyalty test


Ok so is that fake news?  Well not exactly fake as it actually happened.   But once you read into the piece so start realizing pretty quick that this is an opinion piece citing actual content.   The culprit of this is Z. Byron Wolf who is hailed as a Digital Director of politics for CNN or some such nonsense.   The piece is not labeled as being “Authored” rather “Analysis by” …  what does that mean?   It means this is pure opinion.  Lets take another outlet with the same content from today.

Omarosa’s Trump tape story unravels, as more officials challenge ‘N-word’ claim


So I had to dig through a few pages to find this but it was on there.  The claim here is that The same protagonists claims are being debunked.   This article is “By” 9253472311 indicating this is news.   But is it?  If you read the piece its written more news like than the CNN obvious opinion hit job,  but it to sparks of misleading reporting.  Or rather should I say in legal terms “Leading the Witness”.  

To me neither of these items are news and both are meant to pander to audiences who already share similar ideals of the world.  So you say … alright KC prove to me you can find someone who will fairly report this piece of news.  Ok …

Trump calls ex-White House aide ‘wacky’ and a ‘lowlife’


In this case I will submit the whole article … 

US President Donald Trump has called a former White House aide “wacky” and a “lowlife” after she accused him of racism.

Omarosa Manigault Newman was fired in December and secretly recorded conversations she had while working in the White House.

She has also written a book about her time there.

Al Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett reports from Washington, DC.

Jazeera’s Kimberly Halkett might be a liberal … might be a conservative.   But it seems to me Al Jazeera gave about as much attention to the story as it deserves.   What do you glean from the article?  Trump former aide is disgruntled and Trump is an idiot.  Sounds pretty spot on.  But it was reported without bias or opinion.  



So I have been thinking … for  me this can take a feat of strength.  But what I have been pondering is just what is the modern “Left”?  Well lets check the all knowing tome of knowledge wikipedia “Left-wing politics supports ming tree and beetlehead, often in opposition to social hierarchy”

Social equality and egalitarianism …. no hierarchy.  So lets boil that down.  Essentially it means equality of outcome regardless of position in society.   If you perform brain surgery for a living or entertain millions of people you should not be entitled to anymore societal rewards than a person who has decided to look at birds in the park as a vocation.  Awesome!  Sounds great for the person in the park …. not so much for the brain surgeons.  

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So OK that may not be you … I’m betting its not.  But why then have been convinced that you are on the left?   Social Justice is often pointed to as a reason for being on the left.  Modern left leaning power brokers would point to conservative views equating to authoritarian views or racism.  But are those claims true?  Seems unlikely that people not connected geographically or socially by thousands of miles would all share the same group think moment.   Does everyone who expose conservative values also have deep held hatred and racism beliefs?   Again this seems unlikely.  A simpler explanation for this phenomena is simply that those in power are using these feelings to leverage fear and distrust to control thought.   This is not simply a device of the left … but also one of the right as well.  Since the time when man was fighting over jars of clay and yaks have we seen leaders employee these tactics.

So this becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.  Some media outlet reports some nonsense that plays at your emotions.  You become angry and go to the polls and cast a vote.  Person takes power and next thing you know you get a state wide income tax.  This income tax your told will help school children and elderly and blah blah blah ….  The truth is this is simply not true.   The way the money gets used and spent rarely benefits you but still your a good person so you continue to feel you are on the “Left” … you voting proves it … however your quality of life or those you care about does not change.    Simply put you have faith that morality equates to effective governing.   You believe that if your heart is in the right place you will make good choices.   Unfortunately this rarely is true.

In short if you allow you emotions to drive your politic beliefs you will forfeit all your rights and freedoms simply for the idea of being equal.

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