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Rewind Recharge and reconnect
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What kind of headline is that you may ask? “10 Best Travel Videos to Help You Breathe Again.” Well first off, it got your attention but secondly, I believe that travel allows us to finally decompress from life and…

Rare White Baboon © Terry Divyak


Being on Safari can be full of surprises, but on this day we had probably the best surprise of all. We were on our first day of our 12-day trip and everyone was excited about what we might see.…

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With more than 120 distinct ethnic groups living together in Tanzania, this creates an excellent opportunity for those of us that enjoy travel photography. For me, I always gravitate towards getting photos of people, whenever I travel. I love…

Gear Video


First off, I want to say that I love the new GoPro 7 Black. The quality of the footage and dynamic range is outstanding, but I am also comparing to my old GoPro 3. One of the things I…


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This is a quick little video of Amanda, Roger and myself after having an adventure of hot air ballooning and safari in the Northern Serengeti.  …

Tanzania Safari Video

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We had another trip with a lifetime of memories in Tanzania in 2017. This is a short video of some of the highlights from our 12 day safari. The learn more you can go to the Shutter Tours website…

Amsterdam Video

A Fun Video From Amsterdam Stop

On our way to Tanzania to meet our customers, Amanda and I had a couple of days in Amsterdam to get acclimated to the time zone change and have a little bit of fun. When one goes to Amsterdam, you…



Updated November 18, 2017 As a child, I always had this vision of going to Africa and experiencing wild animals in their natural habitat. I could see myself wearing a pith hat and boots in an open vehicle as…

Casey Neistat Helicopter


One of the biggest challenges when working with video, is being able to effectively tell a story. Along with taking the time to edit, Music is a big part of that story telling and Casey Neistat has broken open…