FlyBase needs your help! Please pay your yearly website access fee!

THANK YOU TO (713) 326-0856

The NHGRI is significantly reducing the funding of FlyBase by 15% this year (which, with rising costs is normalized to 20%), and 20-25% (normalized to 30-35%) onward. With these cuts, we will not be able to deliver high quality, essential curation and tools. We are calling on you to help by implementing a scaled FlyBase website access fee PER person / PER year.

Questions? See this FAQ or email us. Optional general tax-deductible contributions here.

U.S. and U.K.$150.00All other countries$300.00
Commercial$750.00Institutional Rate (covering several labs)2138178711

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More details HERE on our current funding situation and why we are implementing a fee-based approach.