Siegurd's dream is to go to a university in England.

The Mayans abandoned many of their cities.

He climbed to the peak of the mountain.

He stuck his pencil behind his ear.

It's not good enough.

Try to put yourself in Sidney's shoes.

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He is the one who comes after me.

How far is it from Osaka to Kyoto?

I saw more than Ramadoss thought I saw.

Put a lid on it, Nils.

Barring snow, father will come home.

Kee tried not to look at Spy.

We are not concerned in this paper with the application of Emmet's theory in biology.

He walked along the shore.

Siping may have an alibi.

Forests regulate the water cycle and take away harmful carbon dioxide.

Mr Johnson is self-employed and deals in repairing furniture.

She is now well enough to work.

Could you talk to him?

The crowd cheered the singer's entrance.

Bill forgot to bring a flashlight.

I had always wanted a son.

A man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error.

Only a wonder can help us now.

We try.

Gilles just needs a little help.

Alberto and Kate were close friends.

She was anxious lest she might miss the train.

Do you have any thoughts on my paper?


My favorite subject is math.

Does that satisfy you?

He was sent abroad as a correspondent.

There isn't anything mankind can do about it.

Ofer and Shadow exchanged a look of concern.

Emails have started suddenly disappearing from my inbox.

We need to work together.

I know how to settle this.

I'm afraid you'll have to learn to live with the pain.

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Does Duke wear shoes indoors?

You should consult a doctor at once, George.

It was disgraceful.

This isn't the worst of it.

Laika, a female dog, was the first animal to be launched into orbit.

It is an act of cruelty to lock a small child in his room.

Who sings better?

This behavior is energy-efficient in an environment where calories can be hard to come by.

He left cost out of account.

All the dogs are alive.

He's quite authoritative.

Lois is cautiously optimistic.

This is one of the best restaurants in Boston.

Our baby isn't speaking yet.

Don't miss the opportunity of taking this trip!

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I don't have enough money to pay my debts.


It just wasn't appropriate.

I do that a lot.

Do you have any clue to the mystery?

It's wrong of you not to forgive him.

May I call you back?

I might throw up on you.

You know what you need to do.

There are signs everywhere.

Do you remember Rodger?

A cold confined him to his house.

Let Larry have his turn.

Phillip became a French teacher when he was thirty.

Do you know who the mayor of Boston is?


Are these the friends you told me about?

Everyone has his price.

I'll see you as soon as I finish work.

That man is mulatto.

I knew I could rely on you!

He's never quite adjusted to the pace of the city.

Cheesecake is my favorite cake.

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We close at 2:30.

The state is going to reform its drug policies.

After some wine he became a wit.

I can't get back to sleep.

The Edinburgh Waterfront project could be about to change all that.


I have a stiff shoulder.

I'm very angry.

Who do you think will win the gold medal?

I heard you'd be staying for a couple of days.

I came here when I was a kid.

Maybe Susan doesn't yet know about what's happened.

Except for Walt, everyone in the office left at 2:30.


Bradley finally believes us.

Tait wants to kill us.

One day I found a box there.

I won't excuse your mistakes again.

Kids learn quickly.

Grease the madeleine molds and pour in the batter (but not all the way to the top; the madeleines will rise!)

How many were on the plane?

A 6% yield is guaranteed on the investment.

Don't worry. Everything is going well.

I want you guys to meet Mah.

This is a strange kind of fish.


I have five friends.

Have these cakes.

She caught hold of my arm so she wouldn't fall.

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It is an hour's drive from here to there.

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Where does he practice law?


I don't want to know about this.

Pork doesn't agree with me.

He has been tamed by his wife.

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Brad's embarrassment grew.


I could really go for another cup of coffee.

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Tell Mac how to do that.

Hm, that's a good idea. Let's go there.

Maarten has been to your place before, hasn't he?


Please remember to put out the fire before you go home.

That's pretty wild.

Ralf wants someone to love him.


You think you know more than what I do.


We can't disappoint him!

Some people don't wear pajamas.

I don't know the answer.

Which is the hottest of all the seasons?

She looked like an angel.


Hold your positions.


Send the telegram at once.


I don't care how you do it. Just do it.

I hate her.

Becky stabbed Margie with a knife.

It may sound strange, but what he said is true.

Carole expected this to happen.

The police are suspicious of my alibi.

Manny gave me a sleeping bag a few weeks ago.

Can you spell your name for me?

What is Myrick doing?

She is lacking in common sense.

It's impossible to see Rome in a day.

I turned on the radio and turned off the television.

Johnnie is the same age as I am.


All I'm suggesting is that we try to help Ned as much as we can.

Is this a picture of his own drawing?

Today, things are better for the Latino community in the USA.


How many documents do you have to translate?

How hard can it be?

Dimetry likes Taylor Swift.

She is modest about her achievement.

Jayant is persevering.

Lester is three inches taller than Rodent.

Oliver was a traveling salesman.

When I was taking a bath, the telephone rang.

It is going to snow.


Robin lived with his uncle before he came to Boston.

Half a million children still face malnutrition in Niger.

I'd like to slow things down for just a second.

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Nobody liked the soup.


I love teaching kids Spanish!


Ben could be in the kitchen, but I don't know.

There are twelve pairs of cranial nerves.

You shouldn't go fishing today.

Have you had enough of me yet?

Do you want to go with us?

The more you eat, the fatter you'll get.

I don't think Lana will be able to do that.

Most students agree with the proposal, and made a list of arguments in favour of it.

The Ribbon of Saint George is a symbol of fascism.

The loaf was adorned all about with pretty figures, with towns and fortresses on each side, and within it was white as snow and light as a feather.

For every given male character, there is a female version of that character.

Do you want me to tell Suu that?

I'm feeling a little dizzy.

Maybe Russell wasn't here when this happened.

I wish we had told him to come as well.

Leung hasn't gone shopping yet.

What does a room cost?


Why did I go wrong?


Ramiro picked up a rock and threw it.