What We Do

We have traveled all over South and Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe for more than 40 years, always interested in tribal textiles. Distinctive pieces of tribal embroidery are now very hard to find - no one has the time to make embroidery of real quality anymore - so you have to know where to look. When we see something we like, we grab it, and then hope someone else will also like it enough to buy it.

New Things

Recently we have been doing some new things - first, buying second hand denim jackets and embellishing them with old tribal embroidery from our collection or with modern Indian embroidery. And second, using Thai Buddhist amulets to add a Thai spin to some necklaces we have been making that are inspired by antique tribal ones from Asia and Africa.


And, of course, one of our favourite asian textiles has always been batik. We have collected a lot over the years and now we are selling some of them. They are mostly hand made, some old, some new, all beautiful. There are old gorgeous floral bouquet batiks from Pekalongan, there are classic traditional designs from the big centres in Central Java - Yogyakarta and Solo, there are modern versions made the old way on purpose, and wonderful local styles from places like Lasem and Kudus.

Indigo Dyed Shibori Clothes

The combination of Indigo dye and Japanese Shibori dyeing techniques is irresistible to any textile lover. So we have been making quite a lot of shibori T-shirts, dresses and other bits of clothing. Sometimes we find good condition second hand clothes and sometimes we use brand new pieces but whichever it is, we think about what style of shibori works best for each piece and then individually hand dye them in our natural indigo dye vat.