Get paid to buy healthier products


We have the healthy coupons our Peeps want! And if we are out of healthy coupons for the types of products you’re searching for, just WISH for them...and we do the rest!

The more Peeps adding to their Peepons Wish List, the faster we can work for you. So, don’t forget to invite your Peeps with a Join Code today..

Easy to use and transparent health information

Earning our Peeps trust is important to us, so we provide health grades on products from A to F based on healthfulness.
Plus, you get all the nutrition information needed to make the healthiest decisions for your diet.

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How do Peepons work?

  • Download Peepons App

    It`s free!!

  • Add products to your Peepons list

    Navigate the app to see all the cool functionality we
    developed. Then “swipe right” on the products you like.

  • Buy your list on Amazon

    We will bring your Peepons list over
    to your Amazon shopping cart.

  • Submit your Amazon Invoice

    Follow the process to
    submit your Amazon
    invoice for proof of

  • Get Paid! PayPal

    After you reach $20 in savings we can
    send you cash through PayPal.

About Peepons

Most people can’t find the coupons they want. And the least healthy products are normally couponed.

We decided to tackle this challenge for people, so we created Peepons.

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