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Audrey Grant's Bridge Festival at the King and Prince Resort

The seminars focus on practical examples to improve your bridge game in key areas of bidding, play and defense. They bring you the world’s best bridge information.          

Personally conducted by Audrey Grant and the Better Bridge team.

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Audrey Grant Bridge Guide

Five Tips to Simplify Entries

This book is about Improving Your Declarer Play with a focus on Entries. It is part of the Audrey Grant Bridge Guide Series and the format of the book is designed to make the best use of your time. The basics and finer points of entries are introduced through sixteen carefully-selected practice deals. Make the most of the entries between declarer and the dummy!

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Exclusive bridge cruises personally conducted by Audrey Grant and the Better Bridge team.           




The Better Bridge Library

Interested in learning the best way to fill out a convention card? Looking for an explanation of the negative double? Wondering what the term "Advancer" means? Visit the Better Bridge Library.

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Exclusive bridge festivals personally conducted by Audrey Grant and the Better Bridge team.           


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Interested in teaching using the Better Bridge material?

The Better Bridge Teachers' website addresses Methodology, Material, and Marketing for the bridge teacher. Register to receive the bi-monthly Teachers' Newsletter and more!



Bridge Basics 1

Learn to Play Bridge with Audrey

New to the game? Listen to Audrey explaining the concepts; play practice deals with skilled robots; review what you learn through interactive quizzes.


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Audrey Grant's Better Bridge Magazine

The Better Bridge Magazine is chock-full of articles, quizzes, and hands for you to ponder, and is now available online.

Authors like David Lindop, Larry Cohen, Jerry Helms and of course Audrey Grant, make this subscription invaluable to thousands of bridge players all over the world.

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