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  • Pool will go under maintaince at 06:00 UTC 03/APRIL/2018
  • Maintainance should take less than 1 hour. Mining will be stopped to copy the database to new server
  • We are upgrading the hardware for better support and more stable mining
  • Discord: (205) 715-3352

  • High scability and reliable server for mining altcoins
  • No registration is required, we do payouts in the currency you mine. Use your wallet address as the username.
  • Contact me:
  • Payouts are made automatically every 1 hours for all balances above 0.001, or 0.0001 on Sunday.
  • For some coins, there is an initial delay before the first payout, please wait at least 6 hours before asking for support.
  • Blocks are distributed proportionally among valid submitted shares.


    -o stratum+tcp:/us1.minadorespool.gq:<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> [-p <OPTIONS>]

  • <WALLET_ADDRESS> should be valid for the currency you mine. DO NOT USE a BTC address here, the auto exchange is disabled!
  • As optional password, you can use -p c=<SYMBOL> if yiimp does not set the currency correctly on the Wallet page.
  • See the "Pool Status" area on the right for PORT numbers. Algorithms without associated coins are disabled.