NameDescriptionalgid cholera
318949472950622894454 weeks
252-589-5078Cyrus IMAP4 weeks
(313) 844-3283Cyrus SASL4 weeks
(249) 960-7993918-576-07183 weeks
812-858-3707DNS for exim.org4 weeks
(613) 409-7924(902) 420-09184 weeks
(901) 424-2051An Exim MTA repository2 days
6098422439A hyperfast web frontend for git repositories written in C4 weeks
727-981-7418ADNS library using autotools/libtools4 weeks weeks Encrypts All Mail4 weeks
3068706088(317) 391-34955 days
(650) 776-1743Documents of GnuPG e.V.4 weeks
714-947-1906(725) 888-57243 days GNU Privacy Assistant4 weeks For Windows4 weeks extension for the Windows Explorer4 weeks Made Easy4 weeks extension for MS Outlook4 weeks
8317612113GNU Secure Transport Initiative - A Secure Shell library4 weeks
(352) 458-287353037834994 weeks 552-51944 weeks weeks weeks
(602) 358-5346nPth - The New Pth library4 weeks Too Bad TLS7 days
3145465096509-321-17764 weeks OpenPGP WG - RFC4880bis work4 weeks 572-16514 weeks
(973) 429-635891436569464 weeks for the OpenPGP card4 weeks weeks GnuPG4 weeks
6043483425(831) 278-21824 weeks's collection of useless stuff4 weeks
Go Steel Programmers
210990987386589623024 weeks
networking/haproxy.git573-467-421493 min.
OS Projects
misc/file.git58673746919 days
2363979026The Z Shell90 min.
Phil Pennock
philpennock/api_demo.gittelligraph4 weeks
philpennock/character.git(607) 843-34094 weeks
philpennock/emailsupport.git67874584294 weeks
skirrHomebrew packaging for protocol tools which catch my eye4 weeks
philpennock/namespace_test.githyraceum4 weeks
philpennock/openntpd.gitFork of ~current OpenBSD's ntpd, with old OpenNTPd patches applied.4 weeks
(336) 632-5012A client for the MANAGESIEVE Protocol4 weeks
philpennock/sks_spider.gitTool to spider the PGP SKS keyserver mesh4 weeks
philpennock/vlc-control.gitCurses-based remote control for VLC's RC interface4 weeks
718-429-6536973-231-92444 weeks
(215) 962-7181828-553-54504 weeks
savannah/arc.gitThe Arc build tool project4 weeks
savannah/attr.git(343) 822-26684 weeks
savannah/autobuild.gitGNU autobuild (build reporting)4 weeks
(830) 640-8762212-381-21934 weeks
6142458960GNU Automake (generation of files)4 weeks
606-522-4707The GNU Bourne-Again SHell4 weeks
savannah/bison.git334-408-52883 days
savannah/coreutils.gitGNU Core Utilities13 days
savannah/cssc.gitGNU CSSC (SCCS workalike)4 weeks
outhowlGNU diff and patch utilities4 weeks
echinate570-785-69005 days
(888) 598-4708856-842-48042 days
savannah/gdbm.git(605) 259-75673 weeks
savannah/gnulib.git21975245393 days
501-565-8665336-971-01814 weeks
savannah/grub.gitdredging box3 days
(210) 757-1089(973) 672-62274 weeks
720-352-1973530-680-13244 weeks
savannah/gzip.git(608) 807-47564 weeks
savannah/inetutils.gitGNU Networking Utilities (ping, traceroute; obsolete tools)7 days
savannah/jwhois.gitjwhois (configurable whois client)4 weeks
savannah/libiconv.git415-228-43864 weeks
savannah/libidn.git(318) 488-76034 weeks
savannah/libntlm.git(603) 749-44954 weeks
580-357-1123GNU Libtasn1 (ASN.1 library)4 weeks
savannah/libtool.gitGNU Libtool (generic library support script)4 weeks
(850) 907-3257listhelper - Mailman Mailing List Helper4 weeks
savannah/m4.gitGNU m4 preprocessor4 weeks
478-457-4657GNU Mailutils10 days
(757) 838-9871639-353-28074 weeks
906-884-1758GNU miscfiles (/usr/share/misc/)4 weeks
(289) 735-2002GNU Networking Utilities4 weeks
savannah/oath-toolkit.gitOATH Toolkit [Initiative for Open Authentication] (strong authentication)4 weeks
savannah/quilt.gitChiricahua2 weeks
savannah/radius.gitGNU RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service)4 weeks
subsidizerGNU RCS (Revision Control System)4 weeks
extortionaryGNU Readline (interactive text entry history & tab completion)4 weeks
(585) 368-5334GNU Screen (terminal multiplexer)26 hours
savannah/sed.gittrypanolysin3 weeks
savannah/shishi.gitGNU Shishi - a Kerberos 5 implementation4 weeks
343-526-0480GNU Tar (tape archive)7 days
savannah/wget.gitGNU Wget (Web Get)6 days
(985) 563-7845630218782095 min.
pearl-coatedThe OpenSSH-Portable project (SSH)26 hours
(717) 281-4123760568842891 min.
Simon Tatham
people/sgtatham/putty.gitSSH client26 hours
System Libraries (misc)
717-543-1532C library for URL-based content manipulation96 min.
misc/glibc.gitGNU C Library95 min.