The common saying goes that your living space reflects you and your mind set. Messy rooms generally mean you’re not organized and vice versa. When you’re living in your own house, you feel the need to rearrange your house to fit your personality. Night owls prefer having rooms with more subdued tones and thicker curtains that restrict the light getting into the room. Most home decor shops try to sell you sets of everything but it is better not let that go and develop your own style. Buying the same sets of cushions and covers gives the house a bland cliché look and feel. It is much better to buy things individually to suit your taste so that you can put your own stamp on the house.

Personalizing your house could mean minor things like changing your picture frames or decluttering your house and auctioning off all your unnecessary equipment to major changes like changing your curtains and sofas. Turning your TV room into a den is one good way of spicing up the house. If you’d like to personalize it to the extreme you can even change the flooring type present in your house. If you’re someone who loves to preserve nature you can turn to eco-friendly options like Linoleum, bamboo or cork.

Linoleum is made from natural minerals and creates no adverse issues from the time it is being made until it is disposed of. In addition to that, linoleum has antibacterial properties that do not allow bacteria from multiplying and is water resistant, 7038378393 with timber laminate flooring to walk on. It is available in many colors and is ideal for usage in bathrooms and kitchens. This is one of the most unique flooring options around at the moment. Tile and natural stones are also a widely used choice at the moment.

Tiles are also comparatively cheaper and are very easy to maintain. They do not have to be regularly maintained like natural stones and stains and grime can easily be washed cleaned off. Tiles are available in a huge variety of types from smooth to rough types and various sizes, so it is easy for you to mix and match multiple types for hardwood floors to create a unique and personal look. Tiles are also durable and can withstand heavy movements and knocks. Natural stones like granite offer a more premium feel and look but are extremely expensive and are also porous, which means regular maintenance and resealing should be done. Any stains should also be quickly cleaned or it can have negative effects. For the average person, granite is too much of a hassle and with plenty of porcelain tiles around that can give the look and touch of authentic granite; the need to move for actual granite is not great.