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Wonder what hydrofracking your well can do? Just look at the numbers...
chart of well improvement data showing percentage increase in GPM.

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We have the experience, training and necessary knowledge to fix your problems.
Serving clients in Orange, Durham, Wake, Alamance, Person and surrounding counties since 1972, we are fast, reliable, experienced and knowledgeable.

Many people in Central NC endure poor quality water, low or erratic water pressure, plumbing issues, even running out of water from their wells because they have heard that their problems cannot be fixed. Second-hand information about failed "solutions" from established name-brand companies, web suppliers, the neighborhood plumber or a big-box store is common. Many folks continue to try these "so called fixes", wasting money and time—and still no solutions in sight.

Since The Water Specialist was founded in 1972, our direction and goal has been to consistently work toward being the absolute best we can be. This goal has pushed us to become diversified and skilled on many different levels. Our technical staff has a minimum of a weekly training meeting. From time to time we send staff members to day-long seminars for further training. Several times annually we have Factory Trainers come in to lead us in short training seminars in-house. So when we look at problems with water, our view encompasses the well, the pump, the water pressure, the plumbing, the water quality, long term service, who is going to take care of the systems and much more. All of this ongoing training creates an environment where our skilled personnel will naturally take many points of view into consideration so we will then be able to give you the most broad based comprehensive answers available in the industry —answers that we stand behind, answers that work and answers that you can trust.

The depth of your satisfaction with the decision you make about improving the water problems that you have, will come from the experience, past performance, skill level, work ethic and old-fashioned honesty of the company you choose. We believe that no one comes close to our performance. Contact us and have one of our experienced consultants help solve your water problem. Call us at 919-732-1578.

The Water Specialist is a locally-owned company providing top quality service in the 8-County Central NC Region, so whether you live in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Hillsborough, Cedar Grove, Cary or points east-west-north or south, call us when you have water needs.

Ray Sparrow, President
The Water Specialist, Hillsborough NC

Our Core Values
  • (1) TWS solves real problems, meets real needs.
  • (2) We live up to our promises.
  • (3) We are a pleasure to work with.
  • (4) TWS plans and executes solutions flawlessly.
  • (5) We are available and willing to own the customer's problem.
TWS Consulting

Caught in the middle between several contractors? Want to understand what is really going on vs. what you have been told? Need an experienced person to instruct a group about wells and ground water? Contact us and talk to experienced people who care.