SmartEntitlement is a turn-key solution for your ADOBE DPS Entitlement needs. Adobe DPS Enterprise publishers can enable consumers to access content (folios) inside their application for free, and our service makes this process easy. We are a SaaS-IaaS (software as a service – infrastructure as a service), so you will not need to deal with code, development, a new app, deploy and maintain a web server for the entitlement process that runs with PHP and MySQL, etc.

We integrate the SmartEntitlement SDK into your current application (or work with you to create a more robust custom app Quiosc), enabling user validation (login, access code).

We set up your account on

You define the user access rules in our platform, integrating a csv/xls file with registered users entitled users) and rules (or we work with you to enable a direct dynamic connection with your user registration database)

Your users are now ready to access the free content in the application.

With our Turn Key service, forget about setting up new complex infrastructure part of the Adobe DPS entitlement process.

Our pricing consists of 2 components:

  • APP Integration:
  • We will integrate into your current APP the code that enables a new section for user validation (user login or code login)
  • A more complex setup could include the development of a custom APP (custom Quiosc)
  • User Rules:
  • The simplest process requires you to upload the csv/xls file that defines the users and rules.
  • If you require a dynamic connection between the APP and your database of users, we will work with to create and connect SmartEntitlement to your database.
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