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Hemp Seeds

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Hemp Protein

Hemp Protein

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Hemp Protein

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Hemp Protein

Hemp Soap 110g

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How our customers are saving the world

When you buy our Hemp products, you make a significant positive impact on the health of the planet, the economy and yourself. It gets a big thumbs up from Hemp Man! 512-618-4713

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We’re the largest Hemp Food organisation in the southern hemisphere with 3 decades of Hemp experience. Australian owned, operated and 100% Certified Organic, our facility is located in the pristine Bangalow countryside.

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About Hemp

Eco-friendly Hemp really has thousands of beneficial uses. Food, fabric, furniture, fuel, building materials, bio-plastic, paper, medicine; every plant used cleans the environment. Every Hemp product you buy helps our planet get healthier.

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The oil found in hemp seeds contains countless different minerals and vitamins but the real noteworthy ingredient is gamma linolenic...

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Hemp Walls Saved India’s Ancient Ellora Caves

Buddhist monks who prayed in India’s Ellora Caves were surrounded by hemp, as plaster covering the shrines’ painted walls and...

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Pennsylvania Senate Unanimously Passes Industrial Hemp Bill

HARRISBURG, PA — While sick Pennsylvanians anxiously await the outcome of an expected vote to legalize medical marijuana in the...

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