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Work in Research

Research is a profession that takes a lot of hard work, but in the end, it really pays off. This includes finding cures for diseases and being on the frontier of scientific discovery.

How it Works

When you first join the platform. Use our quick search tool to explore professions that appeal to you. We will be continuously updating our library, so you always have new content to discover new professions.
Our advanced algorithms look at videos you have previously watched and suggest other videos on similar careers which we think might interest you.
After you have watched enough videos and found an area or job that suits you, go out there and pursue it! But if you ever want to learn about some of the other 1000s of options out there, feel free to explore!

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Inspiring Others

We’re always looking to expand and diversify our library to improve the platform. If you are interested in the project and want to teach people about your job and profession, then please contact us and read our FAQs to find out more about making a video.

If you have already spoken to us and filmed an interview, then please click the upload button to send us the raw footage so we can edit the video and upload as soon as possible.