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Company History
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IMBT was founded in 1999 as an independent Research and Development Company, focusing on immune systems regulation in insects and higher animals. Also, on how the immune systems of plants, insects and animals are interconnected in a process of Immunity generation, and on the central role that insects play in the regeneration of biomass.


Aims and Objectives
Cycle of life - Immune Macro Biotic Technology
IMBT will provide sustainable solutions for human and animal health using environmentally-friendly technologies that imitate Nature – Biomimicry. These technologies have scientific backing, being based on an understanding of nature’s processes and the scientific principles underpinning them.

IMBT will promote sustainable solutions for the recycling of waste biomass.

IMBT will promote awareness of the scientific principles that support life on earth.
Immunity from same species - Immune Macro Biotic Technology

Improve farm animal health by providing natural nutraceutical food additives: a range of insects, grown on waste biomass and challenged to stimulate their immune systems. The benefits of these nutraceuticals are transferred through the food chain.

Improve human health via a range of insect based nutraceuticals that afford protection against fungal, viral bacterial and parasitic infection whilst also alleviating the causes of autoimmune diseases.

Provide new safe and effective vaccines for animals and people against a range of pathogens. Provide a new range of antibiotics.

Immunity Generation
immunity from different species - Immune Macro Biotic Technology

Immunity generation is the transfer of immune enhancing molecules that occurs between members of a species or between different species, through a process of ingestion and /or transepithelial transfer, enhancing the immune status of the recipient.


Robin eating worm

IMBT's technology has been assessed by UK lottery funded NESTA - National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts, and has been offered funding.

Updated on the 28th September 2005


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