Daniel Kessl

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I'm currently finishing my master's degree in the Netherlands and looking for opportunities in the financial sector. See my CV, linkedin, or get in touch.

Here are some things that might be useful/I like/hate/worked on in the past.



excel wizardry

Game of life simulation implemented in Excel. Works without macros!

public keys

Here are my public keys to sign messages with as well as a btc address.

2d gravity

The result of a night's procrastination from making slides

game of life

Cellular automata-based simulation of cell proliferation written in C++.


Another cellular automata-based simulation, this time involving conductors, electrons and logic gates. People have built Turing-complete computers in this.

js art

Javascript image generator used for a typography class project.


A few github repos with a few silly coding projects back from the day.


A couple of saved games from this legendary game. Very old


A quick and dirty idea for a visual identity used in a school project.


I don't think I'm ready to parade that out here just yet.

Greyed-out tiles still need to be uploaded here. Sorry about that.