I broke a glass - try not to step on the shards before I clean them up.

He was trained by an expert.

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I don't think it's such a bad idea.

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Can you lend me the money or not?

We had to help them.

I think you would like it here.

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Unfortunately, I'm now too busy.

It's possible that Loukas was able to convince Tharen to do his laundry for him.

Are you going to school by bus?

Where in Turkey do you live?

Courtney sort of liked Marguerite.

I'm inclined to believe her.

A boy named Kevyn came to see you.

Let's try another approach to the matter.

Reinhard and Owen were in the middle of a heated argument when John walked into the room.


Every morning that woman used to go to the beach and run three miles.


You may be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try.

He is ashamed to ask questions.

Why do you stay here?


The store is right in the middle of the city.


Concerning the Earth, the Sun and the property of smallness, the 1st is more than the 2nd in the 3rd.

He sees things as they really are.

This is none of your business.


We've met once before.

Arne won't do that.

Marc wanted to buy Gregg something nice for her birthday.


I think we should make a deal.

It told Metin that I was sorry.

How many survivors were there?

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On a separate sheet of paper, describe your best friend: age, where he or she lives, his or her job, etc.

He can operate a crane.

The girl has a mouse.

We can divide the work into three parts.

Didn't you know turtles lay eggs?

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It's like a dream.

Everything has it's end, only sausages have two.

The police began a crackdown on illegal parking.

Tricia ate the stew straight from the pot.

What did Spike show you?

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Thank you for your time and effort.

These studies make use of purposive sampling.

You can save your life and your family lives by always preparing for earthquakes.

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Their loss is our gain.

Bert got lost inside the manor.

She threw her arms around him in horror.


It was not till this morning that it stopped raining.

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Where did you go to high school?

Take my hand.

I just received a message that the meeting has been canceled.

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I'll be back in time for my mother's birthday.

This is such a mistake.

Because he doesn't want to marry her, she felt a distance between them.

Stagger had no one but himself to blame.

She is weakest at science.

He's quite formal when he meets a stranger.

Eat all your spinach!

What's the best thing you've ever gotten for Christmas?

It is difficult for me to understand him.

Ask Lindsey if he enjoyed it.

You are entitled to hold your beliefs, but you are not entitled to mandate those beliefs for others.


Get thee to a nunnery!


It took me several hours to finish it.

Many men went west in search of gold.

The company rejected his request for a transfer.

This place is really noisy.

Shaw told Mario about the accident.

Are they going to arrest us?

I'm not a coward, but I'm not stupid either.


Your French has improved a lot.

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What was the situation in Boston?


Lonhyn divorced Soohong after the children graduated from college.


Lynne loves kung fu.

Things got really weird.

We've been looking for you everywhere.


You're really a hard worker.

That store employs twenty clerks.

Not until yesterday did I know about it.

I have no doubt about it.

She spoke to the section manager.


Has anything changed?


After the fire, the smell of smoke remained in the air for days.

He likes Indian food.

Well, you were right.

That's my job, not Jacob's.

Isn't that nice?

I'll forgive you.

Go and beat up that bully.


The seeing of Truth cannot be dualistic (a "thing" seen). It cannot be seen by a see-er, or via a see-er. There can only be a seeing which itself is Truth.

What'd I do?

I want them to give me my money back.

Dan didn't even plan to marry Linda.

Here is your bill.

No one dares to contradict his employer for fear of being fired.

Thunderstorms are both scary and exciting.

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It rained heavily all day.

I don't quite understand what's going on.

That bell rings at eight.

I'm in the sixth form.

Do you ask every new employee that question?

I have a slight cold.

You've got your work cut out for you.


Because of Major, Kamiya has become depressed.

How are you coming?

I'm proud of the work I've done here.


We need a lot of patience when we study.

He will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

She fell in love with her boyfriend's older brother.

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My best friend is in Rome now.

Where are you going for the summer?

Haven't I met you somewhere before?

Let me talk to him first.

These jeans feel too tight. May I try on another size?

Have you ever memorized the national anthem?

What happened to that friend of yours that you introduced me to last weekend?


I cannot express how happy I was at the news.


I knew you wouldn't understand.


Can I see this?

Only God is infallible.

Is this a fact or an opinion?

Jane never backs down.

Start at once, or you will be late.

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I found my mother busy ironing out some shirts.

Harris works indoors.

He went to Hawaii to do some sightseeing.

They've lost the key to the drawer.

I recently met her.


A flock of birds whirled across the sky.


Sometimes the most important clues are the ones that seem the most insignificant.

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Are you seriously going to wear that?

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She blamed me for everything.

Excuse me, where are my manners?

Eddie reached for the coffee.

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Who will you vote for?


The time will come when you will know the truth.

Do you want to give up?

A nephew is a son of one's brother or sister.

I've been to America twice already.

Huey isn't buying it and neither is Naren.

I was home all night.

They took the subway.

Now the shoe is on the other foot.

They now have three kids.


Jianyun left a message saying he'd be late.

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It has been a nice trip overall.

She has a bag under her arm.

This came for you.

Geoff finished his drink and asked for another one.

Yours is bigger than mine.

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Tired of reading, she took a nap.


Our house was broken into last night.

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I heard a rooster crow and knew I'd soon have to get out of bed.


Mitchell forgot the anniversary of their first date.

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Collin and Santa like crowded beaches.